Super Squirrels    Arrival: 8:45am    Dismissal: 12:30pm

The Super Squirrels group is planned for children that are three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years old. The preschool program at this level provides a developmentally appropriate environment integrating the physical, social-emotional and cognitive areas. A strong emphasis is placed on the development of the English language through a total immersion program. Students take pride in reciting rhymes, fingerplays, roleplay and songs. The development of early literacy skills using meaningful contexts is another important feature. The mathematics program is based on the premise that children construct an understanding of mathematics by manipulation of concrete objects. Our proven theme-based program integrates all subjects in order to help children realize that these subjects are connected. The curriculum recognizes the interests of the three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half through themes such as: Me and My Family Animals, Five Senses, Transportation, Community Helpers, Friends, Nutritious Food, etc.

Friendly Foxes    Arrival: 8:45am    Dismissal: 12:45pm

This level is planned for children that are 4 1/2 years to 5 1/2 years old. The Language Arts curriculum based on phonics is developmentally appropriate for students who are involved in early writing experiences on a daily basis. A variety of books are used to develop early literacy concepts. The class day consists of circle time, a whole group session where concepts are developed, followed by centers which provide opportunities for small group and individual work. The mathematics program is based on Mathematics Their Way, an approach which uses mathematical thinking to develop skills. Manipulation of concrete materials is the foundation of daily work. Students develop concepts of patterns, classification, counting, sets, numerals, and measurement using non-standard measures. It is our expectation that students will have a good foundation in early literacy, number concepts, receptive English and socialization skills.

Older Owls     Arrival: 8:45am      Dismissal: 1:00pm

Children who are five-and-a-half to six-and-a-half years old are in the Older Owls group. During this year, much emphasis is placed on refining English language ability and on acquiring the skills necessary for first grade. Language development focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening that are integrated in a supportive and stimulating environment in which independent and reflective critical thinking is fostered. Strong emphasis is placed on the integration of spoken and written language. Students are encouraged to reflect on their reading and are taught strategies for reading. Students begin to express themselves through basic writing experiences through weekly journals. Focus is placed on developing oral language vocabulary through meaningful experiences, story telling, shared reading, art, rhymes and finger play activities. Math skills are developed through calendar activities, measurement and comparisons, and graphing of objects and observations. The Science center includes hands-on activities that evolve from theme-related units and from the interests of the children. Thematic units for the school year include: My World, Growing, Space and Transportation. At this level, children are exposed to one period of Spanish daily.  

Physical Education

The objective of the physical education curriculum in these levels is to help students develop an awareness of themselves and the world around them. Kids are directed in organized games and activities, which along with helping them develop large motor skills, also provide the opportunity for them to practice decision making and problem solving skills. Through these activities, they learn the importance of sharing and taking turns- critical for getting along with others. Children participate daily with materials such as tumbling mats, parachutes, balance beams, obstacles and hoops, among others.


Music in these levels expose children to a variety of enjoyable musical experiences daily. Singing and rhythmic activities are natural forms of self-expression. Students learn songs, rhymes and fingerplays expanding their vocabulary and improving speech and diction. Students are taught basic music notation to play simple instruments. Also, the music class allows learners to interpret different types of music through dance and creative movement, enhancing self-expression and improving coordination. Singing and dancing as part of a group provides the opportunity to feel comfortable while participating. In addition, these activities also help students develop a longer attention span.


Students are provided with opportunities for individual use of the classroom computer and tablet where the teacher guides them through fun software that enriches their language and math skills. Through these fun experiences, children learn basic keyboard operations as well as how to manipulate the mouse and trackpad.

Professional Staff

The teaching staff is comprised of professional educators with knowledge and experience in teaching young children. Teachers and their assistants create a positive and motivating classroom environment that promotes achievement and success, and at the same time, nurtures self-reliance, self-discipline, self-responsibility and a sense of the right and wrong. Teachers are supported and supervised by Music, Physical Education and Early Childhood specialists. Also, upon request, psychologists are available for evaluation, consultation and support services.


Due to the Covid-19 guidelines, we will only be able to use our facilities at Rio Balsas 120 Sur when we receive government authorization. Fortunately, we have access to a property in this neighborhood for daily classes in a learning pod style. A teacher and teacher aide will be responsible for a group of up to 12 students. This will be a multilevel setting, for children in the three levels described above.

SEP certification

Enrolled families in each of these levels who require official school documents, transcripts, and completion certificates are able to register their child at an extra cost through our alliance program with Jahdiel, AC.